About me 
    I am interested in the synthesis of molecular/colloidal systems for the formation of new materials via a bottom-up approach. I believe that combining synthetic polymer chemistry and physical chemistry will lead to development of engineered building blocks that provide the basis for new (colloidal) assemblies. The strong combination of chemistry and physics allows for fundamental understanding of self-assembly processes as well as the creation of new hybrid functional materials. For example, in my Ph.D. project I employed controlled radical polymerizations to tune interactions between colloidal particles for self-assembly purposes and developed scalable routes towards chemically reactive patchy colloids. 
News & Events
  1. Ph.D. committee member @ UU
    February 4, 2019
    I am very happy to be part of the Ph.D. defense committee of Fuqiang Chang, who will defend his thesis 'Patchy Colloids with Orthogonal Functionality' at Utrecht University (UU)
  2. Manuscript accepted by JACS!
    January 21, 2019
    Another manuscript on 'DNA-inspired Strand-exchange for Switchable PMMA-based Morphologies' from the Hawker group @ UCSB was accepted today by JACS. Congrats Jing Ren!